服务员 | Waiter


Fri: 6pm - 10pm
Sat - Sun: (12pm - 3pm 自选 optional), 6pm - 10pm
假期 Holidays


资格 | Qualifications:

• 会说普通话 或者广东话
able to speak Mandarin, or Cantonese

• 要准时
be on time

关于工作 | About the job:

服务员的主要职责是欢迎和协助顾客就座, 给他们端茶, 接受他们的订单, 从厨房端来饭菜, 清理桌子和摆好桌子。

A waiter's primary responsibilities are to welcome and assist customers with seating, bringing them tea, taking their orders, bringing their meals from the kitchen, cleaning up the tables, and setting up the tables for new customers.

工资 | Wage:

• $15/h 现金 cash
(没有提示)(no tips).
工资面议 Wage Negotiable

好处 | Benefits:

• 每班结束时包括免费餐点
• 在这里工作时员工10%的折扣卡
• 生日当天赠送 $20 优惠券

• Free meal included at the end of each shift
• Staff 10% discount card while working here
• $20 Coupon when it's your birthday